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    Default buy radar detector in Niagara falls or buffalo new york

    want to purchase cordless radar detector
    pni or bel in niagara falls or buffalo new york
    as you can t buy in canada

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    I assume you are a canadian resident. Roy i believe is willing to work something out with canadian reisdents for shipping so give him a call on monday or tuesday cause then he will be back at the office

    keep in mind most areas of canada don't take kindly to radar detectors...

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    Roy's a good guy, likely you can get something good while he is away. I hear through sources a detector more interesting to Canucks in the Ontario and QC will be coming but not for the next few months. Might want to wait.

    Pni sucks for the most part, Bel makes better stuff.

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    You can find escorts, cobras, whistlers, and PNIs at any large electronics store. You'll pay a premium, though. Their prices tend to be at the high end of what I've seen.

    Personally, I second the advice to wait for a Spectre-proof detector. It HAS to be just down the road. One candidate would have been tested this weekend but they weren't quite ready.



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