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    Default My V1 doesn't light up anymore...

    Hi all,

    This is my first post.
    I wish I would have posted the pictures of my installation, instead I'm afraid I've got a severe problem with my brand new V1 1.8.

    Indeed, I had to use a telephone wire for my car installation instead of the factory wire (too short), and since I've plugged it for a last test, the V1 doesn't light up anymore - nothing. I'm really sad since I was actually finishing the installation!

    The power cable I've used has 2 wires placed on 2 and 3 positions (out of 4).
    I guess the problem comes from a pole inversion, but I'm not sure since I've read in the manual that a classic telephone would fit.

    Does the unit include a fuse? Do you think a local electronics shop can repair it or should I directly have it repaired by VR?

    The problem is that I live in France, and that VR doesn't ship. Has anybody encountered the same or a similar problem, should it be for the delivery place or the unit failure?

    Any help appreciated!

    Thanks in advance for your support!

    Edit: The power source in the car works. I've just checked the original cable and 2 and 3 positions are inverted, which is not the case in my cable... Can this easily be fixed or... ?

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    You need to make sure you have the right wiring, which in your case you don't appear to. The wiring inside the V1 supplied cable is different than a standard phone wiring.

    Here's a link you have to scroll in the middle. kpatz provided the information:

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    Thanks a lot for your support!

    It definitely was a wiring problem, indeed.
    Also, I've found out the fuse in the CLA was burnt. I just replaced it...

    I thought I had tested it from the final power source (which has no fuse), not from the CLA. Probably too many wires in the car at this time!

    Now my V1 is working fine again, I'll pay a close attention to the wiring so as to avoid burning another fuse!

    Pictures of my installation will soon follow

    Take care,




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